Commissioned Works and Contest Pieces

In line with its mission to expand Filipino music and the local competition repertoire, the NAMCYA has been commissioning new works each year for the competitions.

This year, the NAMCYA commissioned new works and used existing music as contest pieces for piano, guitar, rondalla, choir, and symphonic band.

Piano – Passacaglia (Jude Edgard Balsamo) – Second Prize Winner, 1995 Composition Competition by NAMCYA and League of Filipino Composers

Guitar – Snapmyusik (Josefino Chino Toledo)

Rondalla – Tunog, Galaw, Kulay, Iba’t iba (Alfredo Buenaventura)

Solo Rondalla – Agos ng Panahon (Marie Jocelyn Marfil)

Youth Choir – Carpe Somnium (Mixed Choir) and Lux Aeterna (Equal Voices) – both by Jude Roldan

Symphonic Band – Sa Dakong Silangan (Col. Antonino Buenaventura)