1. Where can I find the guidelines?
Guidelines can be found here: http://namcya.com/2017-competition/competition-guidelines/. Read the GENERAL GUIDELINES first, then the SPECIFIC GUIDELINES PER CATEGORY.

2. How do we send our entry?
Fill up the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM here: http://namcya.com/2017-competition/2017-online-application-form/. Make sure to tick the proper Category, Sub-Categories, and input all details correctly. The Online Application Form is introduced this year so as to avoid (or at the very least, minimize) data errors.

3. How do we send the requirements?
Make sure that all ATTACHMENTS are in a Google or Dropbox ONLINE folder, or email all attachments to namcyainfo (at) gmail (dot) com. Attachments include 4R photo, Birth Certificate of all participants and conductor, Repertoire Form (found on guidelines as well), scanned or PDF copy of ALL pieces in all competition rounds (physical copies will be requested thereafter), and Deposit Slip of Registration Fee.

4. How much is the Registration fee and where do we pay?
A non-refundable Registration Fee of PhP 1,000.00 for Solo Instrument Competitions (Piano, Strings, Solo Rondalla Instrument, Voice, Woodwinds, Brasses) and PhP 1,500.00 for Group Competitions (Choir, Rondalla, and Traditional Music Ensemble) shall be deposited to the account of the NAMCYA Foundation.
Bank name : Banco De Oro, SM Hypermarket – Adriatico Branch (Provincial Fees may apply)
Account No. : S/A 00447-014-7780

5. Do I still need to submit a video recording? Is it already my entry for the elimination?
VIDEO RECORDING is needed for Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, Solo Rondalla, Rondalla Ensemble, and Traditional Music Categories ONLY. This will serve as entry for ELIMINATION Round.

6. Do I need to submit a video if I am a Solo Instrument player?
Except for Solo Rondalla, no need. Solo instruments (Piano, Woodwinds, Brasses, Voice, Strings) will have their Elimination Round in a LIVE AUDITION, which will happen on November, just before the Semifinal and Finals in Metro Manila. Schedule is on this link: https://www.facebook.com/NAMCYA/photos/a.437598589620922.93026.106378036076314/1369709373076501/?type=3

7. Where will be the Semifinals of the group participants?
Choir and Rondalla Semifinalists will proceed to their respective Regional Clusters for the Semifinal Round. These will be held in the following dates and venues: https://www.facebook.com/NAMCYA/photos/a.437598589620922.93026.106378036076314/1370744422972996/?type=3

8. What if I have questions regarding repertoire?
For Repertoire inquiries, address your concerns to the Competition Chairperson THROUGH the NAMCYA Secretariat via email namcyainfo@gmail.com and NOT DIRECTLY to the chairpersons.

9. Do we submit the hard copies of the pieces?
Physical copies of the submitted repertoire will be submitted for the Semifinals and Finals Round (Choir and Rondalla). For the Solo Instruments, sheet music for all rounds will be submitted upon confirmation of application (by August 15).

10. How do we know if our applications were accepted?
All applications will be acknowledged and reviewed by the Secretariat. The Secretariat will not be liable for any errors, missing or falsified documents, and the like, in the applications sent. Violations may cause disqualification.

11. When do we know if we successfully passed as semifinalists?
In preparation for the Regional Semifinal Rounds of Choir and Rondalla, all qualifiers shall be notified through email and phone, and results will be posted on the NAMCYA website on or before August 15.