October 10 is the deadline for submission of entries for the NAMCYA 2016 Traditional Music Ensemble Category B.

This year’s sub-theme is “Rites of Passage in Changing Lifeworlds (Kabataang Pilipino: Ritwal ng Paglalakbay sa Nagbabagong Mundo).”

The sub-theme should be used as a guide for choosing or envisioning a specific musical performance context. Each participating group may perform a local tradition from their cultural community or baranggay that best represents the concept of Rites of Passage as can be seen in any of the following:

a) Wedding Rituals (songs, dances, chants)

b) Birthing Rituals (songs, dances, chants)

c) Death and Burial Rituals (songs, dances, chants)

d) Rituals marking the transition from childhood to adolescence (circumcision rituals, fertility/menstruation rituals, rituals marking the first hunt/travel of the youth)

Entries will pass through a video elimination one week after the submission. Qualifiers will be invited for a Traditional Music Ensemble Showcase during the NAMCYA Week on November 22-27, 2016 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pasay City.

Complete competition guidelines can be found at www.namcya.com. Email namcya (at) gmail (dot) com for further inquiries.